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Best Pellets for Smoker Review Top Pick Guide

What are pellet smokers?

The word pellet smoker is somewhat an intriguing word! So, what are pellet smokers and how do they influence modern day lives?
The best pellet for smoker are cooking appliances that rely on electric power. Electricity operates a thermostat, which in turn controls the burning process of the fuel. The thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature that is needed for the cooking process. As you know, too much heat can overcook or burn it, while very little heat is capable of under cooking it. Such extremes, when preparing food can cause food poisoning or health complications to the human digestive system.

best pellets for smoker

best wood pellets for smoking

Do you understand that you can save on pellets if you choose the right ones for the boiler?

There are several types of pellets. Also, there are different smokers. Few people understand that not all smokers work stably on all types of pellets. Conversely, some grill smokers do not need expensive pellets. You can save them.

How to determine which pellets are suitable for smokers?

There are many pellet companies on the market. The problem is one – each of them offers 1-2 types of pellets. And of course, they say these pellets are suitable for everyone. And in general, they are the best.

In fact, you can only understand which pellets are better suited if you have a choice.

Choosing the right pellet for your needs

For example, if you need to grill in your family you can buy agropells instead of wood pellets. The fundamental difference in them is the frequency of cleaning after grill, due to the different ash content of the pellets.

Wood pellet grills have the unique advantage of cooking with REAL WOOD resulting in a better tasting, safer grilling, more tender foods, and healthier results. Cooking temperatures range from 180F for low-temperature smoking to over 500F for grilling and searing.

Louisiana Grills

wood pellet grill on the market from Louisiana Grills; the Country Smokers. carefully tested the Louisiana wood pellet grills and found that the Country Smokers cook exceptionally well, are built reliably, and produce delicious results.

Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills have been on the market for more than 20 years. Traeger Grills was the first wood pellet grill considered the pioneer of wood pellet grilling. Traeger wood pellet grills have a number of features that make barbequing easy, tasteful, and for the first time, healthy.

Pellet smoker revolution an old grilling method

The pellet smoker is an invention that has changed the face of outdoor grilling. It primarily relies on wooden pellets to produce the relevant heat that is channeled to the cooking chamber. This has been a revolution in the catering business as the machine operates with a concept that is not so much different from the normal BBQ grills that rely on charcoal for grilling.

The concept is similar, only that the pellet smoker has various inbuilt parts in it that operate as a result of an electric current, that is passed through its most prime component, which is the thermostat. Charcoal is substituted by the wood pellets which are merely small cylindrical shavings from either softwood or hardwood, all mixed with some sawdust. Sawdust ignites fairly quickly when exposed to fire. The wood pellets are small and it is quite a surprise at how well they burn and produce enough heat to sustain the cooking process in such a machine. One characteristic is that they are compressed to squeeze out air and water, which may reduce the intensity of the flame from the burning process.

These machines are on the rise and risk replacing the charcoal or wood based grills that have been at the heart of almost every BBQ, for the last couple of generations. The pellet smokers are electric, and the electricity consumption varies according to the model, as different models run on different voltages.

It has been mentioned that efficiency is a quality that they exhibit, and unlike charcoal grills they do not really need a person to operate them since they have a timer system. This means that you can sit back and relax as the device cooks in your desired time frame, knowing that nothing can go wrong with your ribs or steak.


For the best pellet smoker to stand out as the best, its features must be unique and give perfect results. So which features are those that determine how scrumptious of a meal you should supposedly enjoy?

The pellet smokers have been designed differently, but with a target to achieve one goal, which is to ensure that you as the customer, get to enjoy your delicacy without criticism. People never complain about a good meal, but they will fume if the food takes a lifetime to be ready because hunger goes hand in hand with anger. You would ask yourself, does food that has taken more time to prepare guarantee it will be delicious or does less time taken to prepare the food, put a bad plate on the table? Well a pellet smoker is different from a charcoal based grill. If charcoal was used for fuel, then a slice of ribs prepared after ten minutes may not have the desired results, right? The features and specifications are looked at, a little bit more in depth just to showcase how this device goes about its business. The features are remarkable, for a device whose reputation is winning back to back BBQ competitions effortlessly.

The wonders of technology have bestowed upon us a machine which has taken over the tradition at BBQ s without disappointment. For an outdoor machine, if it wasn’t already perfect, the automatic timer makes it all worthwhile!

Which material should it be made of?

A reliable pellet smoker should be made of thick metal. The BBQ process is more often, a social gathering kind of event where people bond and interact. Another way of looking at this, is that the cooking should no doubt be a high quality affair, but it should also be considerably longer so as to afford people more time to talk to each other. The thick metal is a factor that stands out on two fronts: strength and temperature conservation.
Strength is how durable the machine actually is, minimizing how fast it would wear out or get deformed when you combine high temperatures and careless handling. The temperature conservation part is the most interesting aspect of this feature. The thick metal means that it would be slower to attain the desired temperature, but once the ideal cooking temperature is reached, it is easily maintained. This is because the thick metal prevents a rapid loss of temperature, which means it does not waste the heat from the wood pellets. This is economical because of heat conservation, plus it ensures a smooth cooking process. A bonus is that the time it takes to cook allows you to interact and do some catching up with your guests. A good pellet smoker

should burn the wood pellets with minimal smoke to ensure that a lot of heat is generated in the process.
With the most ideal features and specifications of the best pellet smoker highlighted, it brings to the question: why it is important to ensure that you acquire the best of the best in this line of cooking machines?

Choose white or light gray granules?

First, you need to find out what affects the color of the pellet.

According to the correct recipe, the best wood pellets for smoking are produced from wood without the inclusion of chemical additives. High-quality pellets are an environmentally friendly product in which wood is joined by a natural component of wood, lignin.

To give wood pellets the ideal shape and strength, we use the required temperature and pressure. If these parameters are not observed, the granules will turn out to be brittle, they will crumble when moved, and their calorie content will decrease. Due to the increased temperature during the production of pellets, the sawdust will begin to burn a little, which will not affect the quality of the pellets, but its color will darken.

As for the color of wood pellets, it is influenced by raw materials. The pellets will appear darker than coniferous wood when used in the production of oak or birch sawdust. But such granules are more high-calorie and less resinous, which again refutes the theory about the low quality of dark pellets.

It is important to know The gray color of wood pellets is not due to the presence of mineral inclusions in their composition: sand, earth. The gray color is achieved naturally, for example, during long-term storage and the lightest granules will darken, which does not mean their poor quality at all.

Why do we need to get the best pellet smoker?

More often than not we look at the quality before the price is put into an adverse consideration. A good pellet smoker is not so much about the price as it is about the quality. The wood pellets that are the primary fuel for the machines, do not come cheap. It should be able to deliver an incredible amount of heat with very little fuel. This is the ultimate mark of efficiency when it comes to cooking. The heat is what determines how long the food will be on the grill and on such a cooking platform, the heat is determined by the wood pellets. This may just prove to be cost effective in the long run as wastage is minimized and the output is far much greater.
This issue of heat efficiency coupled with economical use of wood pellets has a far much greater bearing especially on the electricity bill. It is widely known that any device that can convert electricity into heat always comes with a hefty bill eventually. A thermostat is one such device. It is important for the thermostat to be in use minimally, and that is by ensuring that the wood pellets burn with a maximum output of heat. A good pellet smoker will have an efficient and effective system that burns the wood pellets, only when the temperature is below the required cooking temperature. The air circulation should be such that the little ash produced does not clog the holes responsible for oxygen circulation on the burn pot. These are factors that influence the efficiency of a thermostat and it also goes to show just how important oxygen is in the process.

Unique features of pellets for a smoker

In a social gathering, there is pride and such a machine needs to rise up to the occasion. For a machine that is fueled by a wood component, smoke seems to be an inevitable product, right? Well, sorry to disappoint you because it rides on the reputation of reducing smoke while cooking! The system is so exquisite that there is virtually no smoke produced during the whole process, but only when the temperature is maintained at a high. This is what the very best of the pellet smokers has to offer, ensuring that it will probably increase the temperature, but no one will cough because of dense smoke. Contrary to most grills, the higher the cooking temperature, the less the smoke that is produced.
For durability purposes, it is highly advisable to acquire a product that is heavy and made of thick metal. The portability of the device exposes it to risks such as falling over, which may just damage it. The stainless steel is a very important aspect of the pellet smoker. It is extremely valuable, especially, when cleaning the machine after a rather heavy cookout. As we all know the BBQ ends up being a fairly greasy affair with the marinade and oil dripping down. The grease tray plays an important role in reducing the mess, but some components may actually get covered in a thick layer of grease. This is very hard to clean, but the stainless steel has an added advantage in that it does not permanently stain or rust because of the various fluids that it is subjected to.
The grease will often build up after many hours of using and form a thick layer that is not easy to scrap off. If the metal is not stainless steel, the metal might scar and expose it to elements of rust. This is an extra cost as the spare parts of most pellet smokers are hard to come by and extremely expensive.


A pellet smoker has been rendered a milestone achievement in the catering and cooking business. These machines are more costly than most BBQ grills, but they offer exemplary quality. When choosing the best pellet smoker, the reasons that have been candidly highlighted above should be prioritized accordingly as different people have different needs. One may opt for quality with the price concern being a very minimal one, while another may decide to go for power which is offered by the variant electricity consumption.
It is not an easy task neither is it a difficult one to pinpoint what it is exactly that you are looking for when shopping for one of these marvelous devices. However, a point of note is the type of fuel that is consumed by them, and it is equally expensive amongst all of the models, with the price range being more of the same. There are various competing companies, which have each launched their marquee model with the hope of dominating the market. They have diversified with some, looking for body strength that will guarantee that the model can survive for years, as others have opted to build a model that is economical and efficient on the fuel. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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