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Reviews of Best Electric Grills for Outdoors

People commonly linked grilling with the traditional barbecue parties hosted in dancing and open flames, sizzling foods placed in the grate, and the smell wafting in the air. It is a solid and fair point to say that gas-fueled and charcoal-fueled remain the preferred methods until now. Still, it cannot be denied that the best electric grills for the outdoors are now taking phenomenal strides toward gaining popularity and recognition.
Electric grills are commonly the healthiest ways of cooking outdoors. These types of grills do not produce carcinogens and do not use sustainable gas fuels that are known to be harmful to the environment. If your major concern is your health, electric grills can be your best bet. But these types of grills can be beneficial, not just to health.

Best Electric GrillBest and high-quality electric grills for outdoors, for instance, can deliver flexibility, versatility, and convenience. These grills can even serve you during warm nights when you plan to gather with friends for some BBQ party and delicious outdoor meals.

electric grills for outdoors

This 15+ servings indoor and outdoor electric grill is one exclusive offer of the George Foreman brand. This features 240 square inches circular grilling surface, allowing you to make more than 15 servings for larger groups. Other impressive features of this grill are adjustable temperature control, outdoor removable stand, George Tough Nonstick Coating, and more. This outdoor grill will show you how real fast foods are really made.



  • 240 square inches circular grilling surface for more servings for bigger groups
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • The non-stick coat eliminates the need for oil and butter
  • Temperature control allows you to choose among the heat settings
  • Apartment-approved
  • Component included such as use and care manuals



  • The color of this outdoor griller may not suit everyone’s preference

Giantex 1350W Outdoor Garden Patio Camping, Electric BBQ Grill Non-Stick w/ 4 Temp Setting

electric grills for outdoors Giantex 1350W Electric BBQ Grill Non-Stick


If you want to experience and enjoy a delicious barbecue with no smoke, this is the professional electric griller for outdoor to get. This is a 1350-watt power-operated grill featuring a variable temperature regulator with four available settings allowing the user to adjust. These features pave the way to happy and hassle-free grilling. The core bracket is fully equipped with a 360-rotatable tray keeping the seasonings and condiments close at hand.



  • Easy to install
  • Easy clean and maintain
  • Sturdy stand and base
  • Includes removable stand allowing you to get delicious results
  • Heart-warming designs
  • Included grease collecting bowl
  • The handle is heat resistant
  • No leakage and safe to use
  • UL-certified plugs



  • Some might struggle with the assembly, especially the first-timers

Cuisinart CEG-980 (Silver/Black) 22 x 11.8 x 17.6-Inch Outdoor Electric Grill with VersaStand

 Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill

This is another ideal choice for the best electric grill for outdoor. This comes equipped with VersaStand integrated and adjustable telescoping base responsible for delivering the most authentic flavor and grilling performance. The small form of this griller makes it easily fit on small patios and balconies. Though this outdoor grill is compact, the cooking grate is large enough to cook most of the family meals. This can grill quickly and can reach a temperature that is high enough to sear steaks to perfection.



  • Compact yet functional
  •  UL-approved for outdoor use
  • Safe to use
  •  The stand is included for more convenience
  •  This grilling product is perfect for tailgate, campsite, lawn, or patio
  •  Easy to store



  • Silver and black color may not suit other users

Masterbuilt MB20150618, Red, MEG 130B Electric Veranda Grill

Masterbuilt MB20150618

This grill is known for its small footprint but larger capacity. This electric grill is ideal for condos, apartments, and even lake and beach houses. This is capable of grilling burgers, hotdogs, sausages, and more. User can choose their preferred setting and can also monitor the heat using the temperature gauge. Whether you prefer slow or low grilling, this is an ideal product to use. With this brand, you can surely master the art of grilling outdoor.



  • Easy grilling. You just need to plug in this electric grill and start the task at once
  •  Ideal for condos, residents in apartments, and even for newlywed
  •  Durable and excellently crafted body
  •  Can cook steaks, chicken, and burgers for the entire family
  • Easy to use, clean, and store



  • The designs could have been better
  • May not suit users who don’t prefer the color red for their electric grill for outdoor

George Foreman, Silver, 15-Serving Outdoor/Indoor Electric Grill, GFO240S

George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

This George Foreman outdoor electric grill has room actually for more than 15 servings of flavorful veggies, desserts, kabobs, and meat. You can utilize this electric grill easily and conveniently outdoors. This comes equipped with a removable grill stand and includes impressive features like patented fat-removing slope, non-stick coat, and solid power. This product delivers enough power to create larger portions of everyone’s favorite meals.



  • Can make over 15 servings easily and quickly
  • Includes a circular grilling surface allowing you to create more meals for larger groups of people
  • This comes with easy to remove stand that can take you from the patio to the countertop in no time
  • Temperature can be easily controlled and adjusted. This is an advantage since heat is actually the secret ingredient in grilling
  • Users are allowed to choose from the five different heat settings and the best possible grilling results
  • his grill is durable, easy to use, clean, and store
  • Apartment-approved. This grill gives quality grilling without gas, flare-ups, and propane



  • Some complaint about the grill’s poor construction

Ovente’s Electric Cooking Grill, Copper, Outdoor Compact BBQ Meat Griller

 Ovente Electric Cooking Grill 13 x 10 Inch Nonstick

This brand of outdoor grill comes equipped with a premium quality 13x10 inch plate that makes it ideal for searing or grilling steaks, fish, chicken, vegetables, and burgers. With this best electric grill for outdoor, you will have full control of the temperature. This functional and powerhouse grill makes sure that the foods are always hot and are ready for consumption. This outdoor grill is extremely efficient and reliable. This product is also safe to use. This includes safety features such as Cool Touch grips, providing additional protection for handling foods after grilling.



  • Safe and easy to use
  •  Extremely easy clean
  • Reliable grilling performance
  • The surface is non-stick that makes grilling and cooking a lot easier
  •  This grill can also be used indoor



  • The designs could have been better
  • May not suit those who don’t want copper for an electric grill

Electric Raclette Grill, Outdoor/Indoor Electric BBQ Grill

 Electric Raclette Grill

If you are planning for an anniversary dinner, family get together party, or a holiday celebration, this electric grill is ideal for you. This electric grill for outdoor is proven to be a modern and efficient way of serving raclette. This grill is ideal for sociable drinking and eating for up to about four persons per cooking. Excellent features include a non-stick cook plate, adjustable temperature, safety features, and more



  • Smokeless
  • Includes larger drip tray for added convenience
  • Guarantees healthy cooking
  • Surface is Non-stick
  •  Easy to use and clean



  • This product is not really for everyone looking for an electric grill

Char-Broil 20602107 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

This is the perfect grill without the hassle of charcoal or gas. This is small in size enough to fit your patio and big enough to grill even up to 12 burgers. This comes equipped with a lot of impressive features such as TRU infrared technology, porcelain-coated grilling or cooking grate, and a warming rack, to name a few.



  •  Reliable function
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Delivers consistent and delicious foods all the time
  • Temperatures can be adjusted according to your needs
  • Flare-ups are prevented with the help of its special infrared cooking technology



  • This unit may not suit you if you are not fond of black color

Better Chef, 15” Electric Barbecue Grill

The Better Chef 15-inch Electric Barbecue Grill can simplify outdoor grilling and cooking. This electric drill includes a durable and premium quality iron grate and a plugin fully compatible with any basic outlets.



  • Suited even in narrow spaces
  • Includes air vents allowing ultimate temperature control
  •  Easy to use and clear
  • functional and reliable outdoor grill



  • Some are not satisfied with the grill’s surface

George Foreman (Black) 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill, GR0040B

George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill

This electric grill is what you need to make nutritious meals in just a few minutes. This is a classic plate grill that can make two servings quickly and conveniently. This comes with a dishwasher-safe grease tray, which helps in making cleanup a breeze.



  • Easy to store due to its small size
  • Faster cooking time
  • Affordable
  •  Packed with excellent features



  • Lacks removable grill plates

Electric grills: characteristics  & types


Contact grill. Contact grills are similar in design to waffle irons: they usually consist of two halves, between which the prepared products are clamped. In this case, heating can be either one- or two-sided (even with a separate t ° adjustment on each side). This design provides a good cooking speed, due to the ribbed (most often) working surface, characteristic fried stripes remain on the products, and the non-stick coating in most models protects against scorching. The main disadvantages of contact grills are the inconvenience of observing cooking - you either have to rely on automation (if any), or regularly open the device and check the condition of the dish. However, on most of these devices, it is technically possible to cook "in the open", as on a barbecue grill; some models can even open 180 ° for convenience

Grill and BBQ(open grill). The difference between grills/barbecues from contact grills is the absence of an upper half that presses the product during cooking (although they can be equipped with protective covers). This design allows you to easily follow the cooking process, besides, the thickness of the product to be fried can be almost any. At the same time, heating in an open grill is only one-sided, many ingredients have to be turned over for normal frying, and the process itself takes a little longer than in contact models. A specific type of barbecue grill is electric pans - containers similar to ordinary pans, but heated by their own heating element, and not from the stove.

Raclette. Devices (usually tabletop) for making raclette, a Swiss national dish based on melted cheese. Such devices have two distinctive design elements. The first is small (usually portioned) pans, in which, thanks to the heat from the heating element, the cheese melts. The second is a special plate above the frying pans - vegetables, potatoes, ham, and other additional products can be placed on it, served with raclette. This stove can also be made heated and even act as a barbecue grill

The kebab maker. Specialized tools, most often used for preparing kebabs, but also suitable for other dishes - for example, grilled chicken, shawarma, or fish. Unlike classic barbecues, the skewers in the barbecue are placed vertically on a round stand. The latter is usually made rotary because the heater only covers one side and a fully “charged” rack must be rotated periodically to ensure even cooking. In addition to skewers, the delivery set of barbecue makers may include other devices, for example, grills for fish and vegetables.

Electric frying pan. Appliances, which actually pan with built-in electric heaters. Thus, in order to cook in such a frying pan, you need not put it on the stove but plug it into a power outlet. Note that most often such devices have high sides and are similar in design to saucepan. However, there are other types of electric frying pans: hemispherical pans resembling wok pans, and even structures resembling electric stoves, in which the role of frying pans are played by recesses in the working surface.

Piazza maker. a kind of electric grill with a rounded frying surface. The working area of such an oven is well suited for baking round dough cakes, which allows you to cook various pizza options on them, and thanks to the closed shape of the device itself, the product is well baked from all sides.


Power consumption

Maximum power consumed by the grill during operation. High power, as a rule, also provides high performance, heating speed,  however, the consumption of electricity, as well as the load on the power grid, increases accordingly at high capacities.


  • Mechanical. Control by means of mechanical elements, most often a rotary switch that regulates the power of the heater. The advantage of this type is simplicity, as a result - reliability and low price. True, mechanical control is less accurate than electronic control and covers only basic capabilities - however, in most cases, this is quite enough. Therefore, in modern grills, even quite advanced ones, this type of control is mainly used.
  •  Electronic.  Control carried out using buttons, sensors, tact switches, etc. through special electronic circuits. Such control is highly accurate and allows for various additional possibilities, but it is much more complicated and more expensive than mechanical control, and the mentioned possibilities are not often required. As a result, this option is mostly typical for professional-level devices.

Surface material

The material from which the working (heating) surface of the device is made.

Metal. Quite inexpensive and yet practical option. Metal surfaces are quite heavy, but at the same time durable and reliable. They are often supplemented with a non-stick coating to allow cooking without oil. It is desirable to protect such a coating from scratches, but it is easy to clean and does not require the use of "harsh" cleaning methods. In addition, note that the easiest way to make a metal surface is corrugated

Ceramics. Ceramic and glass-ceramic surfaces have good performance properties, do not burn, are easy to clean, and retain their presentation for a long time. Among the disadvantages, in addition to the high cost, it can be noted that this material is relatively fragile: it must be protected from strong shocks and temperature changes (for example, cold water getting on a heated surface) in order to avoid cracking.

Metal and stone. Grills equipped with two types of work surfaces at the same time - metal and stone. For more details on both materials, see above. In this case, the first is usually made corrugated, the second - smooth

Stone. The stonework surface has non-stick properties and excellent resistance to mechanical stress you can safely use metal forks and shovels with it, and also, if necessary, clean it with abrasive agents (however, this need arises relatively rarely). Another advantage is its high heat capacity: the stone retains heat for a long time. The disadvantages of this material are the high cost and significant weight, which significantly affects the weight of the entire device.

Working surface size

The size of the grill surface intended for frying itself.

A larger work surface allows you to cook more food in one go but affects the size, energy consumption, and price of the entire grill. Also, when assessing the working surface, it is worth considering its shape: for example, a square grill with a size of 30x30 cm will have a larger useful area than a round model of the same diameter.

Plate surface

The shape of the surface of the grill plates.

Corrugated. Ribbed plates with a characteristic “striped” surface. Due to this shape, the product does not come into contact with the entire surface of the grill, but only with protruding ribs, and fat or juice can freely flow from it into the recesses, while the liquid in the recesses boils under the influence of the heat of the grill. Due to this, characteristic fried stripes are formed on the finished dish, and the surface between these strips is not so much fried as welded. A corrugated surface is considered optimal, in particular for cooking meat: since fat can drip off the food, the finished dish is less greasy than when using a smooth surface. Also, such surfaces are quite suitable for fish, but the corrugated grill is much worse for vegetables.

Smooth.Normal smooth surface, without any pronounced relief. It is considered optimal, in particular, for roasting vegetables, but it is less suitable for cooking meat: the meat is actually fried in its own juice and turns out to be fatter than on a corrugated surface.

Smooth and grooved. This option is indicated for models combining both types of surfaces described above. The specific options for this combination may be different. So, contact grills can be equipped with replaceable plates of different types (or double-sided plates with different types of surfaces on both sides). But in barbecue grills and raclette grills, both types of surface are often present side by side, on the same plate. In any case, such a combination makes the grill as versatile as possible, allowing it to be conveniently used for both meat and vegetables.

Lattice. A working surface in the form of a grid installed above the heater. The main advantage of such a surface is that it allows you to cook dishes "with a smoke": juice and fat dripping from the fried food fall on the heater and evaporate from it, giving the dish a characteristic aroma. On the other hand, in such devices periodically it is necessary to clean not only the work surface but also the heater.


Plates included

The presence of removable plates in the device package. So they can have a different structure, which allows you to cook different foods. Accordingly, the more such plates, the more variety in cooking you can achieve with the grill.

Waffle plates

The presence of a pair of removable plates that allow you to cook Belgian waffles.

Plate for pancakes

The pancake plate has special round indentations to make perfect pancakes. In some models, the diameter of the circles is not intended for pancakes, but for pancakes.

Number of pans

The number of pans that the raclette is equipped with is essentially the number of individual portions of raclette that can be cooked at once on the device. The most modest modern models are equipped with 2 pans, in the largest this number can reach 8.

Number of skewers

The number of skewers supplied with the kebab maker. As a rule, the stand in the device is originally designed for the same amount. Modern barbecue makers most often work with 5 - 7 skewers - this is quite enough for most cases.


Thermostat. An automatic system that allows you to select and maintain a certain temperature of the plates: the thermostat turns off the heater when the set temperature is reached and turns it on again when the plate cools down somewhat. This makes it possible not only to accurately maintain the cooking mode, but also to optimize electricity consumption.

Off timer. A device that turns off the grill after a while. This function allows you not to worry about the food burning or overcooking: just set the desired time, and the device will turn off automatically after it has passed. In addition, cooking with a timer requires significantly less attention (in some cases, you do not need to go to the grill at all - except to remove a ready-made dish).

Auto - cooking. Automatic grill function; the user is only required to set the type of food to be cooked and the degree of roast. The grill switches off at the end of the program. The difference between the Auto Cooking program and simple timer operation is that the grill can automatically change the heating intensity at different stages of cooking.

Removable plates. The ability to remove the grill plates. The main advantage provided by this feature is convenience and safety in cleaning; in addition, in some models, replaceable plates could have a different type of surface

Adjustment for the height of the product. This function is found exclusively in contact with grills. It allows you to optimally adjust the distance between the plates (in the closed state) for the thickness of the product being cooked - so that the plates are in contact with the product tightly enough and at the same time do not squeeze it too much, and the grill can close normally.

Opening 180 °. Possibility to open the contact grill plates (see "Type") by 180 °. In this position, the device actually turns into a barbecue grill, and on its plates, you can conveniently cook in an "open" way.

Separate temperature control. This function is primarily relevant for models with 180 ° opening, which allows you to turn the device into 2 independent grills, for each of which you can select a different temperature. Thus, the top and bottom plates can be heated independently, which allows you to simultaneously cook different products and make different degrees of frying.


Its own display makes the operation of the grill and control of its operation more convenient and clear. It can display various service information: the selected operating mode, auto-cooking program, remaining operating time, thermostat settings, timers, etc.


The presence of a cover in the delivery set of the device.

This feature is found in barbecue grills and electric pans as a separate element. The lid creates a kind of "greenhouse effect" by keeping the heated air above the grill surface. Thanks to this, the products being cooked are not just fried from the bottom, but also "steamed" quite evenly throughout the thickness; this is important for some recipes. In contact grills, pizza makers, the covering element cannot be called a lid.

Grease tray

The delivery of the grill includes a special tray for collecting fat and juices released during frying. This feature makes cleaning much easier: removing and washing a separate tray is much easier and safer than cleaning the unit itself. In addition, the collected liquids can be used for culinary purposes if necessary.

Body material

The main material used in the construction of the grill body.

Plastic. For obvious reasons, grills usually use special heat-resistant plastic. Such material is somewhat less durable than metal, but in this case, this difference is insignificant - the reliability of plastic is quite enough for normal use. In addition, it has a relatively weak thermal conductivity, which means that the grill body heats up less, and energy is used more efficiently. As a result, this option is found even in fairly advanced kitchen technology, while plastic is relatively inexpensive. Of its unambiguous shortcomings, it is possible to note only the weak resistance to scratches.

Metal. Strong and durable material that tolerates heat well. In addition, the metal gives the device a solid appearance; and thanks to its resistance to scratches, this look persists for a long time, and it is easier to clean metal cases than plastic ones. On the other hand, metal has a high thermal conductivity, which requires the use of good thermal insulation and significantly affects the price of the grill (although this material does not differ much from heat-resistant plastic in terms of cost).

Glass. All-glass cases would be too expensive and fragile, so this material is usually combined with the metal or plastic described above. It is found mainly in barbecue makers: a protective casing is made of glass around the stand with skewers. it allows you to control the cooking process without removing the protection from the device. The main disadvantage of glass casings, in comparison with metal ones, is fragility - moreover, the glass can crack and even crack not only from a strong impact but also from temperature changes (for example, when washing an uncooled casing with cold water). In addition to barbecue grills, glass can be used in other types of grills, but in such cases, this material usually plays only the role of a decorative coating for a metal or plastic body.

Wood. Wood gives the device a pleasant and original appearance, but from a practical point of view, such cases are not as comfortable as metal or even plastic ones. The fact is that wood does not tolerate high temperatures well (it can char and even catch fire), and in such devices, increased attention should be paid to the quality of thermal insulation. As a result, this material is extremely rare - and mainly in designer models, created with the expectation of an unusual appearance.


Length of cable

The length of the electric grill cable dictates the possibility of installing the device on a desktop. Longer ones can be far removed from the outlet, but at the same time, extra centimeters of the wire can interfere on the table, while a short cable limits the connection and obliges to have an outlet as close as possible to the work area.



Q: Are Electric Grills Worthy Investments?
A: Yes, this is a valuable investment and definitely a must-have appliance at home.

Q: Who Uses Electric Outdoor Grills?
A: This is utilized by people who want a constant source of heat when grilling foods and don’t want to have charcoal and flame while doing so.

Q: Are Electric Grills as Good as Charcoal or Gas?
A: Electric grills are far better than gas or charcoal, providing better authenticity and flavor.

Q: What to Consider When Buying an Electric Grill
A: There are many factors to consider when buying this grill, such as your exact needs, the size, your purpose, the cost, and the features.

Q: Are electric grills safe to use outdoor?
A: Yes, these grills are often designed with special safety features to ensure users’ safety and convenience.


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