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Grill Smoker Pellets What You Need To Know Before Buying

Types of pellets

The most important properties of pellets are raw material, calorific value, ash content, manufacturing method. According to these properties, the following types of pellets are distinguished: premium (white), standard (light), industrial, agro-pellets, peat, torrefied.

wood pellets

IMPORTANT! Before purchasing pellets, make sure that they are suitable for your smoker because not all smokers are omnivorous and some can only work with white or standard light pellets. The higher the ash content, the more often the smoker will have to be cleaned from ash. Pellets with high ash content can only be used in smokers with automatic cleaning.

Premium class Pellets – made from conifers (pine or spruce) dry sawdust from stem wood without adding various impurities (bark, etc.). Untreated by-products and residues from the wood processing industry. Hardwoods are sometimes used (oak, birch, beech, acacia, poplar, etc.).
The ash content of the Premium pellets does not exceed 0.5-0.7%. Calorific value – more than 16.5 MJ / kg.

Standard pellets – made from sawdust and wood trimmings by crushing them, pine or other types of wood are used (often a mix), may contain a small amount of additives (substances necessary to strengthen the pellets). The ash content of Standard pellets does not exceed 1.2%. Calorific value – more than 16.5 MJ / kg.

Industrial pellets – are made from various types of unrooted wood with the use of bark and other impurities. Ash content of “Industrial” pellets is 1.2-2% and more. Calorific value – more than 16.5 MJ / kg. They are mainly used for industrial and municipal heating.

Agro Pellets – are made from agricultural waste (sunflower husk, buckwheat husk, straw, reeds, etc.).The ash content of agro pellets is 1-3% or more, sometimes up to 8%. The calorific value is on average 15 MJ / kg. The calorific value of pellets from sunflower husk is 18-20 MJ / kg. The main advantage of agro pellets is their low price, but due to the high ash content, the boiler will have to be cleaned more often, and the formation of a porous low-melting slag can occur in the burner – “cakes” are baked. Therefore, it is advisable to use them only in boilers intended for this and preferably with automatic cleaning.

Torrefied pellets – are produced by firing solid biomass without oxygen at a temperature of 200-330ºC (specific temperature and method depend on the manufacturer). The name comes from the French torréfier (roasting, roast), a term previously used to describe the roasting process of coffee beans.
TOP pellets are thermally modified compressed granules with a density and heat of combustion close to that of ordinary coal, i.e. it’s biochar. For production, you can use any quality bio-raw material and even various mixtures of biomass, the exact characteristics depend on the manufacturer. Calorific value – 21-22 MJ / kg. Humidity – 1-3%. Bulk density – 700-800 kg / m3. They are mainly used to replace up to 50% of the bituminous coal-fired at TP.

Peat – produced from milled peat. In many countries, peat is not considered a renewable energy source or is considered only partially renewable. Therefore, in the absence of subsidies and high ash content, it was not widely used.
Ash content reaches 5%. The calorific value is over 21 MJ / kg. The main advantage is high heating value and low price. They are mainly used in industrial boiler rooms.

Top pick Pellets for smokers

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If you are searching for a user-friendly, versatile cooker, then you must consider grill smoker pellets. While you would not win any points with traditional Pitmaster, the capability to easily and naturally produce superb barbecue makes purchasing a pellet smoker extremely tempting.

We will break down some of the best pellet smokers available today in this blog as well as some of the vital information about the pellet smoker. Don’t be confused if you see the pellet smoker and pellet grill used interchangeably as they refer to one thing.

Grill Smoker Pellets

Top 10 Grill Smoker Pellets

1. Z Grills ZPG-6002E 2020 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker
2. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker
3. Royal Gourmet 30” BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker
4. Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker
5. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker
7. Z Grills ZPG-6002E 2020 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker
16. Z GRILLS ZPG-10002E Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker
18. Z GRILLS ZPG-7002B Wood Pellet Grill Smoker
19. Traeger Grills Ranger Grill TBT18KLD Wood Pellet Grill
20. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Wi-Fi Control Portable Wood Pellet Grill

Pellet grill – the technology of the future

A pellet grill is a device that combines elements of a smokehouse, as well as gas and charcoal grills. The main feature is the fuel on which this device operates – these are wood pellets. In order to truly appreciate all the possibilities of the grill, it is important to understand how it works.A lot of grill pellets available are made of 100 percent natural hardwood, which dried and then ground into sawdust. They are held jointly by pressure and heat, shaping the pellets which are coated and bound by the natural lignin of the wood. A wood pellet is known as the simplest and easiest fuel to use. It generates less than one percent of ash, so the whole 40lbs bag of grill pellets just turns into one-half cup of ash that makes cleaning stress-free and fast. Also, grill pellets generate immense flavor without the need to babysit your food like you usually do with some kinds of outdoor grills or smokers. Since temperatures or heat stay consistent, you don’t have to check your food often like you used to with a gas grill or charcoal.

What are wood pellets and how are they produced?

As mentioned earlier, pellet grills operate on special wood pellets (pellets). Hardwood pellets are made from 100% natural wood, which is dried and crushed into wood dust. The dust is then pressurized with extreme heat to create compact granules. Pellets produce less than 1% ash, so an entire 9kg bag of pellets will only turn into 1/4 cup of ash, making cleaning simple and convenient.

The undoubted advantage of wood pellets is their division into wood species from which they were produced. So you can order pellets from apple, mesquite, cherry, hickory, etc. Thus, when burning pellets, your dishes will be saturated with a real woody aroma, which will add sophistication to the taste.

How many pellets do you need for 1 hour of grilling?

  • 1 kg if you smoke or cook at low temperatures
  • 2 kg if you cook food that requires high temperatures. For example, steaks.

How the pellet grill works

  1.  Wood pellets are poured into a special container.
  2. The panel set the cooking temperature you need.
  3. Then the pellets fall into a rotating auger, which delivers them to the compartment where the pellets are ignited.
  4. The heated air moves upward and is distributed throughout the entire boiler area.

Benefits of a pellet grill


With the digital display, you can easily set the temperature you want, put food on the grill, and go about your business in peace. In addition, cleaning and maintenance will not take much of your time. Pellet grills are easy to clean from ash, which is much less than coal grills.


One of the main advantages of using a pellet grill is, first and foremost, the ability to roast and smoke foods with natural wood pellet aromas. These flavors add delicious flavors to your food through the smoke produced when the pellets burn.


Pellet grills also give you the convenience of combining different cooking options in one device. Unlike gas grills, which are ideal at medium to high temperatures, wood pellet grills are excellent at low temperatures. Thus, you do not need to purchase a smokehouse to cook pork shank.

Temperature Control

On charcoal and gas grills it is difficult to control the temperature inside. It takes some skill.

A digital thermometer is built into the pellet grills, which allows you to set the temperature you need. Thanks to a special mobile application, you can easily change the temperature, as well as find out when you need to add wood pellets.


As with any device, pellet grills have minor drawbacks. Perhaps they are insignificant, but it is worth mentioning about them.


At the moment, models of grills are presented in Russia, the cost of which exceeds 100,000 rubles. But the versatility and premium quality is worth the money.

Get Familiar Before Use

If most of us have an idea of how to use conventional grills, then pellet grills are currently the “dark forest”. Read the instructions before first use. However, after a couple of preparations, you will definitely fall in love with this device.

Electricity Required

Yes, such a grill, unfortunately, cannot be placed in places where there is no power supply


How Many Pellets Does a Pellet Grill Use

Under normal conditions, a pellet grill use approximately ½ lbs of pellets for every hour on the smoke setting and 2 ½ lbs on high, also. One 20lbs bag is enough for many cooks, though use will rely on the temp setting, and weather conditions like cold and wind will increase the consumption of pellets.

How to Smoke on a Pellet Grill

It is easy to some on a pellet grill; all you have to do is to follow some of these easy and simple tips:

Keep the Smoker Clean: A remarkable appeal of smoking with wood pellets is that they burn clean. Avoid canceling out this asset by allowing charred waste to gather in the grill. After the cooking session, take time to clean by scrapping the grill grates and getting rid of unused pellets.

Use Own Temp Probe: A lot of pellet smokers today have a meat probe. However, this can be one of the lowest quality parts of the entire pellet grill. Invest in a superior digital thermometer, and be accurate on cooking at the desired temperature.

Experiment with Hardwoods: What is more to developing wet brine or custom dry rub? You are able to work to make your custom mix of hardwoods. Maybe, you are a purist and would never mix one kind of wood with another.

Give Yourself Lots of Space for Cooking: While you do not want the smoker to overpower or overcome your patio ensure you get one with a huge enough cooking space that you can prepare your food with precision. A reliable and high-quality pellet grill can range from just more than 200 square inches to more than 800 square inches, so consider your dreams and pick accordingly. In due course, it is better to have a grill, which is a bit bigger instead of a small one, but some cases are going to consent a smaller cooker.

Utilize a Sear Box: A pellet smoker doesn’t get almost as hot as conventional charcoal and gas BBQ grills. If you search for a single device that is able to handle both traditional searing and pellet smoking, think of buying a pellet grill that comes with a sear box, essentially a small grill which can generate heat far higher than the smoker itself.

How to Use a Pellet Grill

Pellet smokers make smoking easier and faster by instantly feeding wood pellets from the hopper into the fire. That is right, pellet smokers feed it, and therefore you are able to concentrate on feeding everyone else. It is easy to clean and maintain an even cooking heat on a pellet smoker as well as the wide array of flavored pellets on hand means you are able to have many fun experimenting.

Pellet Smoker Guides

Put in Pellets to the Hopper: Plug in the smoker and then put the pellets in the hopper.

Set the Temperature: Choose the desired temperature on the dial, then the auger feed will start to turn, inserting wood pellets in the fire chamber. Start the igniter; you will hear a sound alarming you that it is ready.

Begin Cooking/Grilling: Pellet smoking is now set to use. Like a conventional oven, it will handle its own temperature as well as keep it controlled and regulated.

How Much Smoke Does Pellet Grill Produce

First and foremost, a pellet grill usually generates lots of smoke starting up. A pellet grill has fire rods that heat up and then begins to smolder pellets until there is a spark for the fans to add fuel to that to produce a flame. This is amazing to use to your benefit by putting big cuts of meat on the pellet grills, producing a good smoke ring. While many Pitmasters have learned to stray up this smoke, you really don’t want that type of smoke all through grilling. It is extremely thin, bitter, and white and not the perfect kind of smoke.

If you want the best result, you must wait for the smoke from this first stage to eliminate prior to throwing your food on the pellet grill.

Are Pellet Smokers Worth the Money?

The answer is yes! No other types of grills provide this much flavor, quality for the price, and convenience. Pellet Grill is made to last and user friendly, so you will be kicking yourself for not making the jump earlier. You will never need to fuss with bland tasting gas food and messy charcoal. You can have smoky, tasty veggies and meats at a low price.


Versatility is one amazing benefit of this product. So, you are able to obtain a range of lip-smacking food available in minutes. A pellet grill can be utilized to cook all kinds of foods, which range from braised short ribs and chicken wings.


This is not ideal for wet conditions. The pellets can deteriorate once they get wet. So, keep them dry to prevent this issue.


Anything which saves effort and time deserves a warm welcome. The concept of cooking food with the use of pellet grills is gaining amazing popularity because it helps people prepare food with ease and faster—a pellet grill preheats fast and saves you lots of time.

This is also worth buying as some come with direct grilling. This is versatile than other grilling options on hand today. A pellet grill can preheat fast in ten to fifteen minutes that is less than most kinds of grills available today, except for gas grills.

Looking into the future In our opinion, pellet grills are worth paying attention to. Western consumers have already appreciated the quality and versatility of the device. Now it’s our turn. This is an original product that uses an unusual fuel. This is Tesla among the grills. This is the future. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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