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Smallest Charcoal Grill for an Efficient Use

Are you looking for an efficient grilling companion? Do you want to make your grilling concerns become resolved? Well, you will not for some anymore, for we are providing you with a list of the best and smallest charcoal grill that you can choose from. Given that, let’s start to make your next grill worth it!

smallest charcoal grill

What is the best charcoal grill?

Weber Original Kettle Premium 18-inch Charcoal Grill

We suggest the original kettle-style charcoal grill of Weber can stand for a long time in the first choice for you. After undergoing several high-heat searing tests, this charcoal grill showed the best and balanced medium-rare interior and seared exterior steak. Weber was also able to provide w crispy chicken skin on the outside and juicy meat inside. It can smoke slow and low at a rock-steady temperature. This makes way for a flavorful rib.
Another thing, Weber has only a few parts to assemble. That’s why it makes less hassle and features to handle when cooking. There is a vent that controls the flow of air, as well as a well-structured ashtray beneath for easy cleanup.
Above all, this is the one that stands out among the rest. Others may be expensive and look fancy, yet this is the best and most recommended for an affordable price. There is a balance of quality and affordability that anyone can benefit from.
Moving on, how can the best charcoal grill be chosen among its competitors? Are there certain qualities to look for? Well, below are some of the must-considerations!

Top 20 Small Charcoal Grills

1.Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

2.Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

3.Weber Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

4.Cuisinart CCG190 Portable Charcoal Grill

5.Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Griller

6.Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

7.Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Charcoal Grill

8.Weber 14402001 Original Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill

9.Char-Griller E1515 Patio Pro Charcoal Grill

10.Beau Jardin Portable 18 Inch Charcoal Grill

11.LeFroom 14 Inch Charcoal Grill

12.ISUMER Charcoal Grill BBQ Kabab

13.Weber 14407001 Original Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill Green

14.Fire Sense Large Rectangle Yakatori Charcoal Grill

15.Char-Griller E6714 Akorn Jr Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill Black

16.Char-Griller E82424 Side Fire Box Charcoal Griller Black

17.Kamado Joe BJ24RHCI-A Big Joe III Charcoal Grill

18.Weber Jumbo Joe 18 Inch Charcoal Grill Black

19.Weber 14501001 Master-Touch Charcoal Grill

20.Pilot Rock Heavy-Duty Park-Style Grill

These are the top 20 charcoal grills that anyone shouldn’t miss out on. Let us now proceed to the best one!

How To Choose?

When choosing the best small charcoal grill, it shouldn’t exceed the maximum size, which is 26 inches at the points of cooking grates since this is made for small families that love to have a BBQ picnic in their backyard. This is also a great on-the-go cooker that can be bought anywhere, such as camps, trips, vacations, and so many more. Here, there is only direct heat that can be used to grill hotdogs, BBQs, burgers, and other else. Below are further things to consider:

  • Temperature Management

To control temperature is a difficult thing to master when using charcoal grills, but it is essential. Here, there are 2 ways to manage the temperature: by adjusting the airflow through a control mechanism and by controlling the fire by adding more fuels or stoking the coals. These methods effectively help to manipulate the charcoal fire’s combustion with bigger flames to increase temperature and vice versa.

  • Ease of Cleaning

In terms of the lifespan of a grill, proper cleaning is a key to prolong it. The charcoal ash left at the grill’s bottom starts the problem, especially when it’s wet. This then leads to high levels of alkaline that can eat steel, literally. In addition to that, ash can be sticky once mixed with food drippings that can be a flammable substance and bring sudden ignition.

Another thing, look for grills that can be cleaned easily or have an easy-clean mechanism. This can be an ash drawer or basket to be pulled out easily during cleaning time. Besides, there are several charcoal grill manufacturers that provide slide-out ash pans or ash tool accessories as assistance for cleaning.

  • Availability of Accessories

Versatility is a characteristic of charcoal models yet often comes as a function of the accessories. For instance, it expands the cooking potential of cooking grills through plug-and-play accessories integrated with a system such as a Gourmet BBQ. Here are some of the accessories that a charcoal grill must offer: a charcoal chimney for easy ignition, ash tools for stoking coals and cleaning, and an electric coal starter. There must also be a grill cover to protect the pit from any harmful element, as well as to prolong its lifespan.

How To Use?

In terms of usage, charcoal grills can be used easily. It only needs to be placed outside wherein it has a distance between roofs, overhanging trees, and other structures. The bottom vent must be opened. Then, the lid must be removed, as well as the grilling rack. The charcoal briquettes must now be piled at the grill’s center in a pyramid form. Here, there must be at least 30 briquettes to cook every pound of meat. Next, there must be 2 ounces of lighter fluid to be sprinkled on the charcoal, having each briquette coated. The lid must be off the grill until the coals are hot enough to let the cooking begin. Next, for every 25 minutes, the coals must be heated. During this time, there must be a layer of white ash covering the charcoal. Then, the charcoal can now be spread out to cover the bottom of the grill. This is the time wherein direct grilling can now begin. Lastly, coat the grill with vegetable oil to prevent it from sticking. Wait until the grill is hot enough to begin cooking.

How To Get Charcoal Grill Hot?

In making the grill hot, take coals and place it inside. Then, coat the coals with lighting fluid and ignite a fire with a lighter. Take some time to let the fire be spread throughout the coals and wait until the grill is hot.

How To Light Charcoal Grill Properly

  • Ignition fluid

Before igniting fuel briquettes, they should be sprinkled with a special liquid and wait 5-7 minutes until it is absorbed, after which the coals should be set on fire with a long torch. After 15 minutes after the fire is well lit, you can add coal. Despite the relative simplicity of this method, it has a drawback an unpleasant smell, which can be absorbed into the food and minimize culinary sophistication. In addition, this liquid should be used very carefully if children are near.

  • Dry alcohol

Natural charcoal can be ignited using dry alcohol. To do this, the fuel briquettes are laid out inside the grill so that there is a hole in the center, where a piece of dry alcohol is placed. After the alcohol has been ignited and the coals have ignited, fuel can be added.

  • Using a starter

This method involves the use of dry fuel. This method is chosen by professional grillers. The starter is a steel cylinder with a thrust hole and a cone-shaped grate onto which coal is poured. Chips or paper are placed under the fuel, after the coal in the starter reaches the desired condition, throwing back a special lid, it is poured into the barbecue. When using a starter, it is important to remember that it is forbidden to pour liquid to ignite grills inside the device – an explosion is possible due to the accumulation of gases.

How To Clean?

In terms of cleaning the grill, there are ash pans that can be pulled out directly and easily during cleaning. Start by closing the lid and vents and allow it to cool before dumping the coals. If it can’t wait, carefully dump the hot coals by using long tongs. It is recommended to bury it in water or sand. Then, use a wire brush to clean the surface, as well as to scrub the food drippings off the grill. Lastly, dump the remaining waste and brush the grill.


  • Easy grilling
  • Food is cooked with quality
  • An effective tool for a family picnic


  • Can cause ignition when used improperly
  • Can be hard to clean at some point


Charcoal grills are indeed a must-have. Aside from its function and quality, it also helps families to make their picnics or even a simple dinner in the backyard become more memorable. With lots of models to choose from, you can never go wrong with a charcoal grill. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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