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How to Smoking a Turkey Traeger

I have the perfect information about preparing smoking a turkey Traeger smoker or on the Barbecook XL
You can approach it about the same as with chicken breast. Only the bringing time is slightly longer. Of course, also depends a bit on the size of the turkey fillet. Something different than fish in your smoker


Smoking a Turkey Traeger

Traeger Recipe for Smoking a Turkey

Brine Bath

You take 5 liters of water and add 400 grams of salt to make the brine bath. Do here some leek, carrot, onion, garlic, juniper berry, bay leaf, celery and peppercorns.
It is best to leave this herbal bath overnight. Early in the morning you can put the turkey fillet in the brine liquid and make sure the fillets are submerged. You can do this by, for example, placing a plate upside down on it. After 5 hours in a brine bath, you can rinse the turkey breast with cold water.

Drying the Turkey Fillet

Now you are going to pat the turkey dry with a clean cloth or some kitchen paper. Place the turkey breast in the refrigerator for an hour or two without covering it. Then you can further dry the turkey fillet over a small fire on the smoker for 30 minutes

Smoking Turkey

Smoking with Traeger grill average of 80 degrees for 60 to 75 minutes.
I temporarily had the vegetables from the brine bath on the intermediate tray. Make sure that you do not allow too much moisture/vapor, but you can prevent that to some extent by dabbing the vegetables and herbs dry.

Now you can add some oak moth or sawdust slightly moistened.
So after cooking everything closes and you can lower the temperature to 40 degrees. That goes without saying because there are no longer flames but smoke. If the temperature rises again in the meantime, the flames are back and you can sprinkle the smoke moth again. After a total of 60 minutes in the smoke, you get a delicious smoked turkey breast. Let some smoke escape from time to time, otherwise, your turkey fillet will sour.
With a whole turkey, the process takes even longer. You can also use a rub with beer, mustard, paprika, curry powder, pepper, salt and some brown sugar. After 1 hour start to apply the rub during cooking.

Then regularly apply the rub with a brush.
The core temperature of the turkey and turkey fillet will be around 70 to 72 degrees. You can cover the parts that are in danger of becoming too dark with aluminum foil.
You can also take out the turkey fillet a little earlier, for example at 68 degrees core temperature and then let it rest immediately by wrapping them in baking paper and then a tea towel around it. The temperature will then rise a bit, usually about four degrees.

Tips For Smoking A Turkey

Smoking a turkey isn’t exactly a new way to prepare the bird. In fact, the practice has been around for a long time. For as many generations as anyone can remember, roasting a turkey in the oven has been the standard way to cook the bird. Oven-roasted turkey has long been the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving dinner, and often the Christmas dinner as well. Not too many years ago, deep frying a turkey became all the rage. Around Halloween, deep frying pots and cooking oil, formulated especially for deep-frying a turkey, would make an appearance in various retail outlets. Deep frying a turkey is arguably a better way to maximize the flavor of cooked turkey, but not necessarily the healthiest way to prepare the bird.

A Smoker Can Be A Good Investment

So, where does smoking a turkey fit into the picture? Those who regularly practice the art of smoking a turkey will tell you, as far as the taste is concerned, smoked turkey is far superior to any other method commonly used. If you want a smoked turkey for your next Thanksgiving meal, and can’t find one in the stores, the obvious first step is to purchase a smoker, if you don’t already have one. Smokers are not terribly expensive, and well worth the price. With a smoker, you can enjoy smoked salmon, smoked trout, smoked elk, smoked venison, and just about any other kind of meat that lends itself to smoking.

Make sure you get a smoker that’s large enough to easily handle the size of bird you normally would purchase. If you enjoy doing projects and live in a place where you can build an outdoor smoker, get a set of plans and go for it! Once you have a smoker, prepare or purchase some hardwood chips; cherry or apple chips are best. The packaged chips you’ll find in the store, a sporting goods store being a good place to look for them, are often hickory chips. They are also fine for smoking a turkey. Then arm yourself with a good meat thermometer and find a good recipe for smoked turkey. There are some great ones on the web-store.

You’re going to have to give yourself plenty of time to smoke an average size bird. The temperature in a smoker is usually a little less than the temperature you would cook a turkey in an oven, so it is going to take a while longer to cook the turkey. Figure about 35 minutes per pound as a rule of thumb. Smoking a turkey that weighs in at 10 pounds is going to take just under 6 hours. If you have an 18 or 20-pound bird, just do the math. Your average smoked turkey expert will probably suggest you get two 10 pound birds instead of a single larger one. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting up very early Thanksgiving morning to fire up the smoker.


As far as preparing the turkey for smoking, there are several alternatives. The turkey can be placed in the smoker as-is, without any embellishments. Some like to soak the turkey in brine, and others cover the bird with a specially prepared turkey dip. One suggestion worth heeding is to cover the skin with olive oil, or pat it all over with butter. This helps keep the skin moist during the smoking process. You’ll probably want to baste the turkey once or twice during the smoking process to help keep the skin moist.

Pink Meat Is OK

The smoker should be at about 225º when the turkey is placed in it, and should be maintained at or near that temperature. The meat in the turkey will not get quite that hot. As a rule of thumb, the turkey will be ready when the meat thermometer registers 165º in two or more places. It should be noted that the color of the white meat will often look a little pinkish when the turkey has cooked. This is natural for smoked turkey and is not an indication that the bird as been undercooked. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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