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How Long to Boil Hot Dog

how long to boil hot dog

The time on how long to boil hot dog is approximately 10 minutes. Yes, after the water starts to boil, we count only 10 minutes. When you notice that the water is already starting to color, you can turn off the fire.

Another indication that the hot dog is already at the sweet spot is when it is quite swollen. Do you want to know more useful tips about this versatile food? So, just check that you will like it

Do not exceed the maximum cooking time

You know those hot dogs we buy at the butcher shop by the pound? These should be cooked in hot water for a maximum of 10 minutes. As for hot dog sold in closed packages, the ideal is just 5 minutes because they do not come into contact with your hands.

Another thing: do not exceed this maximum time! If this happens, you will notice that the hot dog will start to break. In addition, the more orange the water is, the more flavor the hot dog has eliminated.

Therefore, if you let it cook for a long time, the food will lose its original flavor, it will darken and lose all its texture.

Is it bad to eat raw hot dogs?

hot dogs are made from raw meats, in addition to chemicals. So, of course, the idea is to heat the food before eating. It is much safer for health and prevents terrible food poisoning.

Of course, there are exceptions. There are some brands of hot dog that sell pre-cooked food. In this case, it is ready for consumption and there is no need to boil it in hot water.

But as the insurance died of old age, here at home I always cook the hot dog before preparing it in raw recipes like salads.

I’ve heard that many butchers turn off the refrigerator at dawn to save energy. Not to mention the handling of employees. Again, it depends a lot on the establishment. There are establishments that take care of our food very well, but it doesn’t cost anything to boil it before, right?

5 quick recipes with a hot dog

Macaroni with hot dog, tomato and basil

I bet a lot that you already ate this delight in your childhood. I, for example, always asked my mother and grandmother on weekends. Accompanied by a cold mayonnaise and roasted chicken, there is nothing for anyone, it goes well with pasta.

As for the type of pasta, it can be any, but I still prefer the more “fleshy” like fusilli or penne. Just make a neat and full-bodied sauce and sprinkle some fresh basil.

Another idea is to add some pieces of tomato or cherry tomato to the sauce. It just looks amazing. As for the hot dog, it is worth browning in the pan before adding to the sauce. In addition to transferring the flavor, it has a sensational color

Hot Dog snacks with bacon

This idea is very easy to do, it looks just like the chicken medallion. Just cut the hot dog in half and wrap strips of bacon in each one. If you want, you can attach the ends of the strips with a toothpick.

Then, bake in a preheated oven at 180º for about 20 to 30 minutes. When they’re golden brown, it’s ready. You can also make it on the barbecue or fried in immersion in very hot oil.

Whatever your choice, it will serve very well as an accompaniment to a very cold drink. Enjoy and serve some type of sauce, preferably spicy. I’m sure it will surprise everyone

Hot Dog with onion and pepper

One of the most practical recipes I always make here at home. It combines a lot with a refreshing salad and very loose rice. To make this recipe, just cut the hot dog into very thin slices and brown them in the pan with olive oil.

The time varies a lot from stove to stove, but the ideal point is when they are very golden. Then add sliced onions and sauté until the onion turns color.

You can also add red pepper, jalapeño pepper, beak pepper or if you prefer something milder, use pepper. However, only the onion with the hot dog makes a perfect combination. Try it!

Hot Dog with fries and salad

A dish that the Brazilian loves. Running out of ideas for what to eat on the weekend? How about reuniting the family and assembling delicious hot dogs? The recipes vary a lot and you can assemble however you want.

What can not be missing is French fries, which go very well. You can also make a simple salad or even a vinaigrette. I really like to serve homemade sauce to dip the fries. It is delicious!

Creamy hot dog in sauce

A recipe that you should also know, but forget about eating meals, right? Whenever I can, I do it here at home because everyone loves it.

I really like to add peas or select, because it makes the sauce very thick. In that case, I also prefer to fry the hot dog before adding the sauce. It brings much more flavor.

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