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Choosing a grill: grills charcoal vs gas

grills charcoal vs gas grill what is the best for choosing? – that is the question! If you are considering buying a grill, then this is the first thing to think about. Disputes on this topic have been going on since the time of the feast of King Arthur. And they are no less heated than the argument about medium and well-done. This article will help you decide which grill to buy in order to cook your own way and enjoy it.

Gas grill

Gas grills  advantage

Gas grills are easy to use – press the button, wait 5 minutes – and you can start frying. There is no need to waste time on coal and its ignition.

There is a misconception that gas grilled food lacks the “charcoal” flavor. In fact, the smell does not come from the coals, but from the juices and fat that drips off the meat. It then evaporates and gives off an appetizing aroma. And it doesn’t matter from what surface it will evaporate – from coal or metal.

The gas grill is multifunctional. It can be turned into a smokehouse or oven. It has several burners, so you can cook different dishes at the same time. Can be cooked in any weather. It is easy to wash and clean. The advantage of gas is that it can be controlled. 90% of the most prestigious steakhouses in the world roast their premium beef on gas. Why then? The main reason is the steak is quickly cooked evenly on the outside and keeps it pink and juicy on the inside. And this can only be achieved with very high temperatures.

Restaurant gas broilers usually heat meat to 450 – 650 degrees. In domestic conditions, the gas heats up no higher than 350 degrees. Some gas grills come with an infrared burner that can heat the surface of the meat up to 900 degrees. But they are narrow and can only cook a couple of steaks at a time.

Conclusion for gas grill

Fast ignition, no ash and dirt, easy cleaning. A gas grill is great if you plan to cook spontaneously and quickly. Love steaks, vegetables, and other foods that do not require long cooking. But if suddenly your plans include smoking, baking, simmering at low temperatures, use a charcoal grill.

What are the gas grill disadvantage?

More expensive than coal. Has a more complex design.


Charcoal advantage

A charcoal grill is significantly cheaper than a gas grill. Ideal for frying and long-term smoking of meat at low temperatures. Suitable for classic barbecue lovers. Fast and easy to assemble – the base model can be assembled in just 10 to 20 minutes.

Requires more preparation and maintenance time than gas. And also more experience. You need to light the charcoal, monitor the temperature and then clean the grill from the ash. Temperature is difficult to control. It is impossible to determine unambiguously at what temperature you are cooking at the moment.

Best Charcoal Grill

Charcoal buying guide

It is they who determine the simplicity and convenience in the cooking process, as well as the quality of the finished dishes. After all, the more effort or special skill is required, the less often the grill is used. It is the ease of use that determines how satisfied you are with your purchase.

The grill cooking system should have the functions that will allow you to realize all your cooking ideas. This is both the ability to maintain the desired temperature in the process, and even distribution of heat over the entire working surface.

 the important key when choosing a grill:

Airflow adjustment

The temperature in charcoal grills changes because the amount of air entering the coals changes. The amount of air can be adjusted with special dampers. The more air moves over the coals, the more the fire burns. And limiting it will cause the embers to smolder, ensuring low temperatures and slow cooking.

When choosing a model, pay attention:

  1. how tightly the lid fits the boiler. The cover plays an important role. It regulates the smoke that comes out of the grill and controls the air that goes in. Excessive oxygen from an insufficient lid can cause the food to burn.
  2. the presence of dampers and well-regulated ventilation openings. It will be difficult to regulate the temperature without them.


Easily add charcoal

he process of languishing or stewing lasts from 1 to 6 hours. The temperature of regular charcoal reaches a maximum 20 minutes after ignition and begins to drop sharply after 1.5 hours. Therefore, coal will have to be added.

Exception: you are using special briquette coal of the Kamado type, then it is not necessary.


Look for a model with a door or special grilles. They allow you to add fuel without removing the main course from the fire.


Grill size and shape

Almost all charcoal briquettes burn at the same temperature, so the size and shape of the grill matters. They determine how heat is concentrated or dissipated.

Barrel grills are better for making hamburgers and sausages. Since their design allows you to cook more food at a time, but on a thinner carbon layer.

Ceramic grills offer more flexibility in complex recipes than charcoal or barrel grills. They are suitable for those who love delights, improve themselves in barbecue, are ready to devote their time and try different cooking methods: smoking, stewing, stewing, baking, grilling and frying.


If you are not planning on preparing complex recipes, then take a closer look at barreled grills.


Adjustable distance from charcoal and number of grate levels

Foods close to charcoal can dry out and burn before they are cooked. To prevent these troubles, manufacturers create a movable coal platform or make several levels of grating position.


Pay attention to grills:

  1. With a movable coal platform. Thanks to a special lever, you set the coal container to the desired height – as high as possible or as low as possible above the fuel.
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